Become Driven!

In the past week, have you gotten in you car and just driven?  Did you turn the key, back out of your driveway, put it in drive and just cruise off to no where in specific?  Chances are, no.  You had a specific place in mind that you wanted to get to.  A SPECIFIC address or destination.


When we talk about the situation above, it makes perfect sense that you need an exact destination.  However, when we say the word “goal” we tend to start thinking in generalities.  “I want to lose weight” “I want to tone up” “I want to put on muscle.”  We’ve all said it but what we haven’t realized is that saying “I want to lose some weight” is like an out of state visitor saying they are hungry and want directions to the (not a) restaurant. What would you say to that? (No, seriously-play along and instead of just reading on, respond to your visitor.) A few questions might be- “What type of food do you want?” “How much do you want to spend?” “Are you in a hurry?” All of these questions affect the outcome of where your friend might eat.  From a coaches perspective, we want to help you reach your goals but need to know what they are in order to do so.


While it seems like a big task to set EXACT goals, I encourage you to take 10 minutes, sit down and ask yourself what you REALLY want by training at re:MOVE.  (Then write it down ON PAPER)  I can guarantee, once you have a number, inch or jean size to strive for-workouts will become more fun, exciting and in the endmore rewarding.  Remember, the important thing is to have a goal and not to just show up hoping for great results. Have a purpose! (Otherwise you may be like the person who drives around with no place in mind to go.)  While this is a short write up that barely scratches the surface of the topic, I recommend using the widely known yet little-used acronym below. (Make sure your goal is all of the following!)

  • Specific and strategic    
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Results-oriented and realistic
  • Time-bound

If you would like to talk more about your SMART goals or about the topic in general I would love to do so.  Also, once you have the specific goal written down-please share it with us!

Diet 101: It doesn't need to be complicated!

There is so much information out there on diet; it is no wonder people are confused. How many calories should I eat? Should I even count calories? Should I eat a Paleo diet, vegetarian, vegan, low carbohydrate, high protein diet? Should I incorporate intermittent fasting or should I eat every 2-3 hours??

I am not going to even attempt to tackle all of this in one blog. I simply want to raise the awareness of the mass confusion of this topic.

Let’s start nice and easy.

  1. Eat REAL food as much as possible.
    This is difficult to do as almost everything we eat has genetically modified ingredients in it. The best way to do this is to fill up on fruits, veggies, raw, unsalted nuts, seeds, beans and clean protein. For today’s purposes, I will define clean protein as fresh fish- (NOT farmed) organic, free-range eggs, organic, free-range chicken and organic, free-range red meat.
  2. Eat enough calories.
    You need to eat to burn fat. It’s plain and simple. If you don’t consume enough calories for your body to function properly, it will store body fat and begin to burn off your hard earned muscle as a source of energy. (This is bad news for those of us who work hard to put it on our bodies.)
  3. Focus on the positive.
    Instead of focusing on everything you shouldn’t eat, why don’t you focus on putting as much of the “good” stuff in your body as possible. I guarantee if you are filling your body with fruits, veggies, healthy grains, nuts and seeds you will crave a lot less junk. Your body craves what you feed it.
  4. Sleep is your key to success.
    I know this is preached often, but it really is. When we sleep enough, our bodies’ burn fat, repair broken down tissue, refresh our mind, give the proper perspective, strengthen our willpower muscle and produce the proper hormone levels. (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)
  5. It’s all about balance.
    * Eat plenty of healthy food
    * Drink ½ your body weight in fresh water everyday
    * Sleep 7-9 hours every night

This is very basic, barely scratching the surface of diet and how to eat to perform at full capacity. It is my goal to really dig into this topic, throw out the bad stuff, weed out the truth and simplify an extremely complicated topic.

Stand Tall part I

The three meals a day may seem redundant and too simply of a step for some, but, for others, this will be a life changing step. One of the biggest issues that we see in peoples diets that is hard to understand is that many people aren't getting ENOUGH calories. We probably see more people stalling their weight loss by not eating enough than we do seeing people eating too many calories. It sounds counter intuitive that some people need to eat MORE to lose weight. It just doesn't computer in our heads. BUT we see it time and time again.

Healthy weight loss is all about finding the balance of giving it enough fuel to function properly and not giving it so much fuel that the body wants to store it as fat. You must have energy to get thru the day and thru workouts, and recover from workouts and getting stronger. If you don't give the body enough calories to function properly, it will go into survival mode, pretty much freaking out, and store everything you eat as fat. Once you enter into survival mode, you body will start to breakdown proteins in the muscle to use as its energy source. The end result is less muscle, more fat, and that starts the downward spiral leading you in the COMPLETE opposite direction than you want to be in. We probably see more people under eating than over eating.

YOU MUST EAT TO LOSE!!! If you are making healthy food choices, it will be hard to over eat. Still doable, but difficult. Again, the trick is to eat enough calories (high quality, nutrient dense) that your body has enough fuel to function properly and making you feel like a champ, but still remaining in a caloric deficit that you are still burning fat.

The one cheat meal, or we to use the term "re:WARD//Meal" :) , a week is also key as it spikes your calories letting the body know that it is not in survival/starvation mode and it will let the body know that it can keep on burning fat, aka "stored energy", as fuel and it doesn't have to hold onto it for later. (Just a word to the wise... I would make sure to eat the re:WARD//Meal a day or two after the weigh ins on Saturday, and not the a day or two before or you will be less than satisfied with your weigh in. :) )

At the end of the day, you have to burn more calories than you take in to burn fat and lose weight. It's a simple math equation. Energy expended must be great than energy consumed, BUT you must stay out of the ditches of over eating and under eating and find the right balance that works for your body. It's simple, but there is A LOT of chemistry going on inside the body which makes it quite complicated.

Our hope is that during this challenge is that by seeing your diets, adding to the Goals Checklist every week, and just educating you guys on the basics of a healthy lifestyle, we can find the right balance for everyone to see huge re:SULTS during the challenge and hopefully set the stage that will change the rest of your life!!!

We like to aim high. A bunch of overachievers we are. :)

Okaaay... since I have written a book on what was supposed to be the simple goal of the week, I will post a little later about posture. I don't want to overload your brains with too much, life changing, PURE AWESOMENESS at one time! :)

In the meantime...

Sleep. Drink. Breathe. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Stand up. Piece of cake! I mean, easy as pie! I'm mean, it's as easy as taking candy from a...


Stand Tall part II

I will try to keep this short and simple, but posture is one of the most important aspects of looking better, feeling better, and being able to train without putting yourself at risk of injury. Gravity is re:LENTLESS and never stops trying to push us down. We have to strength and length muscles and mobilize and stabilize joints to put our bodies in the best place to re:TALIATE again it!

Posture is basically just the position that your body was designed to be in for optimum performance. When you are standing (or sitting) with good posture, all your joints are in their proper place for you to be the strongest, fastest, and healthiest. You move better. You feel better. You can breathe better. Muscles can re:LAX. Your joints are in the strongest position they can be in for movement and stabilization. This is the position that you WANT to be in. It may be tough to hold yourself in the good posture position now, but the hope is that thru a balanced training program (strengthening the right muscles, stretching the right muscles, and re:TRAINING your body how to move and stand) that your body starts to re:MEMBER that position on its own.

To re:VIEW and quickly re:CAP the re:ASON for this little re:PORT, please re:COGNIZE that thru a proper re:SISTANCE program we can re:CTIFY the situation re:GARDING posture and your body will re:MAIN more re:SILIANT and re:LAXED, leaving you feeling re:MARKABLE so you can re:LISH your years all the way thru re:TIREMENT.

Sorry! I had to get that out of my system. I feel better and I'll do my best not to let that happen again. :) Back to posture...

Here is a quick view of proper posture from the ground up:


  1. Feet shoulder width apart. Toes straight ahead. Weight evening distributed between ball of the foot and heal, and slight to the outside edge of your foot and not letting your arch fall in.
  2. Knees directly over the feet, which sounds easy, but with many people, the knees fall just to the inside of the knees due to allowing the arch of the foot to drop or improper firing of the glutes.
  3. Hips level. This is where things start to fall apart for many people. Due to how much people are sitting while working, driving, eating, watching tv, etc., the hip flexors are typically tight which makes it harder for the glutes for fire. When this happens the hips become tight and immobile and the lower back tries to do the job of the hips cause a lot of lower back issues. There is a reason why do spending so much time stretching those hip flexors and doing glute bridges during EVERY class! If you put your hands on your hips, they shouldn't be tilted forward or backwards. They should be level. This is hard to explain in words. If you have questions please grab me after a class and I'd be more than happy to discuss in more detail.
  4. Lower back should have a natural arch but not too much. Best way to make sure your lower back is in its proper place it to reach to the ceiling with the crown of your head and pull your belly button in with your spine activating your core muscles (this should happen before any and all movement).
  5. Rib cage down: If you are breathing properly and using your diaphragm, making it more of a belly-breathe, you probably already there. If you are more of a chest breather, this could cause posture issues in the shoulders. It's all linked together. (Once we get to the next step of pulling the shoulders back and down, just make sure you don't allow your back to arch and rib cage to expand.)
  6. Shoulders back and down. If you do this correctly, the muscles in your upper back will relax and you will feel a nice stretch in your lats. Shoulders being pulled forward are a common problem. In most people, their chest muscles have gotten tight and short, and their back muscles have gotten too weak to hold their shoulders back. And on top of that, almost EVERY chair we sit in doesn't have enough lower back support and forces your shoulders to roll forward. This is a big pet peave to me! I don't understand the mentality of chair makers! It's like they purposely try to make you feel worse so you will have to sit down to relax and use their chair! :) I'm exaggerating, but you get my point. In our training, we do our best to balance out pushing and pulling movements, stretch our lats and chests, and strengthen the upper back through exercises like thumbs up. (One of the best things about re:MOVE//Training is that everything we do has a purpose! )
  7. Head on top of shoulders. Push the chin back until the head rests right on between the shoulders. When you do this you will probably feel the muscle in your neck, traps (the muscles between your shoulders and neck), and all the way down your back relax. Just think, for most people, their natural posture never allowing these muscles to relax, leaving them strained and leaving you irritable!

I REALLY didn't do a good job making this short and simple, but that about covers it!

When it is all said and done, tight muscles lengthened, weak muscles strengthened, and you are standing with correct posture, you're body is in the strongest position it could be in. You can move without worrying about pulling muscles. For many people, lower back issues fade away, joint issues are no more, they breathe easier, and their bodies simply function how it is supposed to function.




Whether you re:ALIZE it or not, good posture is something we are constantly thinking about and striving for at re:MOVE//Training. Please make that a personal goal for yourself as well! If you do, you will thank us later! :)

ACTION STEP: Take a picture of yourself standing with horrible posture and post it here. Just kidding. Please don't do that! :) BUT DO THIS INSTEAD. As often as you can think about it, as you are standing in line at the grocery store, walking the dog, sitting in your car or at work, be mindful of your posture and try to pull yourself into that perfect posture position.

For those of you wanting instant gratification, you will instantly look and feel healthier.

For those of you who are disciplined enough for delayed gratification, you will be able to look, feel, and move better for the rest of your life!

    Mental Success: Is it within your control?

    When it comes to developing the kind of go-all-day endurance that I am usually after, you begin to realize one thing - it’s all in your head.  Mental strength is often what separates winners from losers in endurance events, as well as fights. Those who just seem to want it more will usually prevail. The fight begins and ends in your head.

    It is important that in your workouts you push yourself to the point that your brain tell you "It cannot be done." "You are not strong enough" "You are too tired." "You didn't eat or sleep enough." "You have laundry to do." Just "get through" the workout and that is good enough. This is called "THE MOMENT." The moment that your body has to override your brain.
    When you feel "The Moment" come. Pay attention to the thoughts that come and gently push them away. Replace them with a short, direct word to replace the thought such as "strength, power, focus, intense, I can." or simply push them away and focus on a thought or image that inspires you. I personally use the color blue or the image of the ocean. I have tried longer sentences but from experience, the short, direct word is much more effective.

    If you have never felt "The Moment" or fought with negative self talk, you are probably not pushing yourself to your limit. I am saying this with love and zero condemnation. I am simply challenging you to push the limits and find out what you are capable of.

    Rules of the Weight Loss Road

    When I was close to 300 pounds, I would jokingly say:

    • “You don’t get a body like this by skipping meals!”
    • And although I’m not where I want to be, I can honestly say:
    • “You won’t get the body you want by skipping meals!”

    I have a friend who is trying to lose weight.  My friend remarks with pride that all they ate was bran cereal and a couple pieces of fruit for breakfast and some pasta and chicken for dinner.  I can’t tell you how common a story this is. People are starving themselves fat and unhealthy. People think that calorie restriction is the way to health. IT’S NOT! Here are 3 over simplistic ways to help you get in the shape that you want…

    1. HYDRATE: If you’re not drinking enough water, your body and all your organs cannot function the way they were made to
    2. MOTIVATE: Why is it so important to get in shape now? The reason can’t be because “I want to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds.” Dig deeper! My “why” is my wife and children. I was literally eating myself to death until I realized that I wanted to live a long, fruitful life with my family. That’s what lit the fire under me to make a real difference. That’s what kept me coming back every time I wanted to quit. When you find your “why,” write it down and keep it somewhere you can see it every day!
    3. EAT GREAT: Start small. I started by trying to have something “green” with every meal. In the morning, I’ll have sautéed spinach in salsa over my eggs. Find something that’s going to work for you! Cutting back sugar (if you can go without it!) is the best way to see a significant change in the way you feel and look. And try to eat 3-5 times a day. Don’t skip meals!

    You won’t get the body you want by skipping meals!