Not your traditional gym.  Not your traditional workout.

Check out the variety of classes we offer below.  You can pay-per-class or get unlimited classes with our various contracts.  Ready to join?  Our Cost Page/Online Store is here for you.

re:START Class

Available 3x a week, our re:START program builds a strong foundation for clients. The program is focused on technique and form with less emphasis on conditioning (cardiovascular activities). This 60-minute class is encouraged for anyone wanting to begin a workout program.


re:TRAIN Class

Our most popular class and we've expanded to more than 31 classes times available a week. The multiple options allow you to workout around your schedule.   A 60-minute functional strength and conditioning workout is designed to build strength, explosive power, speed burn fat, improve cardiovascular health, increase flexibility and push you to your limit!  



Advanced clients only. Offered 2x per week, this 60-minute workout is developed with the “inner athlete” in mind. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for intense agility drills, weightlifting, ropes, and more.



A 60 minute class with a focus on exercises to strengthen the core muscles through controlled and precise movements. Focus will also be on increasing flexibility, promoting recovery, and improving mind body awareness.


This class will give your child a functional strength foundation as well as knowledge and skill of basic weightlifting lifts. They do not need to have experience to join! ages 12-16

re:CESS KidFit Class

Get your kids started on a lifelong love for fitness!  This 45-miutes class involves games, obstacle courses, relays, sports drills and fun circuits all geared towards enhancing strength, cardiovascular fitness, agility, balance, coordination, power and speed.  KidFit will challenge kids on an individual level while having fun and gaining a love for exercise.  ages 5-9 and 10-15