Can I try a class before I join?  Can my child try a class?

Yes!  Your first three classes are on us.  We want you to not just try the class, but experience why re:MOVE//Training is the fastest growing gym.  We would love for you to join our family!  Kids can take one re:CESS KidFit class on us, too!  Here's how to get started.

Do you have showers?


No.  When we built out the space we were focused on maximizing the space for our clients to lift, run and workout.  But take advantage of our lockers and large bathrooms which allow ample space to change.  

Do you have childcare?

In short, no.  However our gym is set up with a balcony with a kids area overlooking the training floor.  The designated space for children has a TV, DVD player, bean bags, table and chairs.  Many kids will bring toys, books, homework or their favorite DVD to use while their parents workout.  Parents and kids enjoy the ability to see each other from this space.

I have an injury.  Can I still workout?


Yes!  Make sure that your doctor has given you the go-ahead.  We routinely modify movements in every class to accommodate different levels of experience, injury or other limiting factors.  Simply let the trainer know before class begins.  All levels are welcome!

Can I workout while pregnant?


Yes!  As long as your doctor has not restricted any physical activity.  Our trainers have modifications for any lift, movement or exercise.  We can also meet with you to discuss pregnancy and exercise specific to you and your background.  Contact us to know more!   

Check out the video below!