Since 2009, re:MOVE//Training has helped clients lose weight, build strength, and find health.


Our Mission

We are a full-service functional strength and conditioning gym. What makes us unique is our personal approach. We know our clients and their goals and we train to the individual level within every class and session. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase strength or improve mobility and flexibility you have come to the right place. Our mission is to help you achieve your goal.

Love my gym family! What a blessing to be surrounded by encouraging people. Huge thanks to our trainers!
— Tavie, client

Success Stories


Danny has lost over 100lbs (yes, I said 100) in just over ONE year at re:MOVE!!!   He is ex-military, Special Operations, Army Ranger: an all around bad DUDE!



At the young age of 62, Sherry started training at Re:MOVE//Training and has COMPLETELY changed her body! She has lost 20lbs, 3% body fat and 21.25 inches! She is also able to do things she couldn't dream about doing when she started!



Mark has trained with re:MOVE for a little over a year and has lost 70.4 pounds, 14.6% body fat and over 60 inches!! We are so proud of him. He not only looks like a different person but he moves and trains like an athlete!!